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With a wide network of associates throughout the world we are able to assist you in the formation of an International Business Company in any offshore jurisdiction. Following a detailed analysis of your needs we will provide you with the best plan in order to keep your business going. Some of the principle uses for going offshore are: banking options, trading, investment, holding, financing, professional services or consultancy, patent, royalty and copyright holding, ship management and yacht owning, personal and corporate tax planning.

Besides the traditional advantages of total or quasi-total tax and duty exemption, and a cooperative regulatory regime, IBC’s established under the Offshore Regulations and Acts can enjoy the added benefits of anonymity and quick formation.

In addition, under certain circumstances, it is advantageous to establish residency for corporate entities through re-domiciliation or branch establishment. Business Unusual can provide assistance from initial tax and legal guidance through to complete registration services.​

A number of jurisdictions offer attractive tax concessions to individuals wishing to establish domicile, aimed mainly at those not wishing to take up employment. We also have clients from time to time wishing to establish businesses in their chosen jurisdiction, and can assist not only with the registration of the company but also with matters including attendant residency issues for prospective employees and work permits.


  • IBC's

    International business companies also known as offshore companies can be incorporated in many countries known as offshore jurisdictions around the world. Offshore companies are also called IBCs for short. International Business Companies can be incorporated in the following offshore jurisdictions: Dominica, Panama, Belize, Anguilla, Seychelles, British Virgin Islands, and Hong Kong, Singapore, Cyprus, Mauritius and many other countries in the world.

  • Accounting & Tax

    Tax accounting is the subsector of accounting that deals with the preparations of tax returns and tax payments. For a business, tax accounting is more complex, with greater scrutiny regarding how funds are spent and what is or isn't taxable.

  • Business Strategies

    Business strategy equips the top management with an integrated framework, to discover, analyse and exploit beneficial opportunities, to sense and meet potential threats, to make optimum use of resources and strengths, to counterbalance weakness.

  • Legal Compliance

    A robust compliance process includes, but is not limited to, keeping records of checks, having policies and procedures in place around the legislation, and retaining evidence that the right people are taking responsibility for compliance. A failure to pay attention to measuring compliance can lead to a company not only falling foul of regulators, but also facing fines, censures, reputational damage and even, in some instances, the prospect of jail time for directors

  • Banking Services

    The requirements for every type of business are unique. Companies may require to finance working capital through credit, while small businesses in capital-intensive industries may require credit for the purchase of fixed assets. Therefore, the services provided are customized to suit the specification of each business profile.

  • Real Estate

    If done right, real estate investing can be lucrative, if not flashy. It can help diversify your existing investment portfolio and be an additional income stream. And many of the best real estate investments don’t require showing up at a tenant’s every beck and call.


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